Advertising Copywriter Salaries: The Truth

As a former advertising copywriter, I STILL get bombarded with questions about advertising copywriter salaries. Cocktail parties, in particular was a breeding ground for such assaults...especially as the wine started flowing!

Okay, we all know that things change every day, but I'll tell you what I do know about advertising copywriter salaries and the number one thing is that its MORE than you think.

Junior copywriters, fresh out of ad schools across the countries can and should expect to make between $25 to $35 thousand dollars. Again, these are rough estimates...but I haven't been gone too long.

Stepping up from Junior Copywriter is full copywriter. These lucky guys and gals SHOULD be making about $50 thousand or more. Nice money so far, right?

Here's where advertising copywriter salaries start to spiral upwards.

Associate Creative Directors will typically make somewhere just below six figures. Now before everyone starts writing me hate mail that they don't make that much, hang on a second. I'm talking here about the biggest of the big NYC ad agencies.

JWT, Y&R and McCann Erickson. The shops with the big bucks.

Now, for Creative Directors, add another $50K to $100K to the mix, and suddenly you're at two hundred thousand dollars a year! That's a lot of scratch for being able to wear jeans!

I won't even disgust you with how adverting copywriter salaries go, but I knew of many who were making about the hal million dollar mark and they still hadn't seen the end of the salary rainbows!

If any of those numbers sound like you want to run out and put a great junior book together just realize that the competition for those jobs is, understandably, ridiculously difficult.

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