Bin Ladens Endorsement of Book Helps it Soar Up the US Charts

Book clubs run by the likes of Richard and Judy and Oprah Winfrey should step aside, it seems that the most effective way to endorse a book is to include it in an audio speech against the powers of the west, namely America. This is what the infamous leader of Al-Qa'ida, Osama Bin Laden has just done.

The book, by the until now unheard of American author William Blum has gone from 209,572 on the book list to number 10 today. Rogue State: A guide to the world’s only superpower, is a book about the substantial ‘crimes’ that America has committed and how these outweigh those of America’s enemies. In the book the author, Blum, claims “America cherishes her enemies. Without enemies, she is a nation without purpose and direction.”

William Blum is a vigorous opponent to George W. Bush and his predecessor Bill Clinton. Also on his hit-list are former US Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. Mr Blum continually criticises American foreign policy throughout his now bestselling book and has sympathy for terrorism in the face of the American forces. He declares in Rogue State that “A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but doesn’t have an air force.”

Bin Laden made William Blum a well known name in a matter of seconds in his speech released last week on an Arabic Satellite TV channel. In the speech the Al-Qa'ida leader offered a truce with America on certain conditions, but still threatened to attack them again if they failed to pull their troops out of Iraq. The elusive terrorist leader then went on to say "If Bush decides to carry on with his lies and oppression; it would be useful for you to read the book Rogue State.” Whilst this can be seen as a standard plugging of an anti-American book, there has been speculation that the Al-Qa'ida leader chose a book to advertise to an audience of billions, which can be used to condemn America publicly due to its critical content of the country and its leaders.

Whilst many would assume that Blum would be opposed to the endorsement of a worldwide terrorist leader, he actually told a New York radio station that he “was not turned off by such an endorsement,” and went on to say “I’m not repulsed and I’m not going to pretend I am.” It appears that Bin Laden has helped Blum to further his cause and to reiterate his opinion that America creates its own enemies by intervening into other countries’ affairs. Sam Smith, editor of the Progressive Review in Washington allegedly claimed that he was “calling it the book review of the decade.” The outcome of this “book review” will inevitably favour Mr Blum and Osama Bin Laden and it seems as though this was the aim of the endorsement in the first place.

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