Business Process Management Outsourcing

The growth and survival of business in the dynamic environment depends upon the development of new products. Organizations must always be on the lookout for new opportunities and exploit the opportunities by creating new products and services. That’s where the role of business process management outsourcing comes in.

Needless to say, new product development holds the key for the survival of an organization. New products do not come about by themselves. They are the result of the ingenuity of creative people in the organization. As such, it is obvious that new product development is the function of organizational creativity. In other words, it depends upon how creative an organization is with new ideas because any organization can only be as creative as its people.

Creativity, in general, may be defined as an “escape from mental struckness”. In the organizational context, it may be viewed as new insights that point to better ways of dealing with reality. It involves a departure from conventional thinking to non-conventional thinking. It entails establishment of a relationship between the hitherto unrelated things, ideas or concepts.

Just as individuals differ in their ability to translate their creative talents into results, organizations also differ in their ability to translate the talents of their members into new products, processes or services. When talking about business process management outsourcing, organization members must believe that change will benefit them and the organization. Some resistance to change is found in many organizations for fear of losing position, learning new skills, etc. Such a resistance to change has to be overcome by clarifying the need and urgency for change. The adage that routine drives out the non-routine has to be revised and must be made the other way. Managers in the organization, from top to the down must make it clear in word and deed that they welcome new products and services.

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