Courtyard Landscaping

Probably the most beautiful and intelligent design of all is courtyard landscaping, because it combines the yard outside and gardens, plants, and other natural features with the privacy we enjoy in our homes.

You can create a courtyard landscaping space within any interior spot, whether it is surrounded by fences, other buildings, or if you are lucky, you have one of those tropical style homes with the yard in the center, open to the sky. Within these spaces you can plant flowers, trees, vegetables, whatever you want and your kids and your pets can have the run of the place without you being worried about them running into the street. You can use your courtyard for sunbathing, for grilling, or for just siestas in the hammock.

In many countries, the courtyard landscaping theme is used in every home. The houses are built with falls on the perimeter line, and rooms are lined up and down the four walls of the rectangular home. Then in the middle is a yard or courtyard, open to the sky. So every room in the house has at least one door opening to the outdoors, which is actually indoors, and this combines the best of both worlds, for everyone in the home. You can have beautiful gardens, swimming pools, places for your pets and children to play, whatever you desire, and it can be within the core of the home, far from the public eye and the noise of the street.

To do courtyard landscaping in other kinds of buildings, just find or create an enclosed space that connects to the house, like a patio area or a side entrance. You can build a fence in the yard or plant a barrier of bushes or bamboo, to create a walled-in effect in that spot, which is accessible from inside the home. Then you can plant and design and decorate as you like. The main idea of the courtyard is that it offers enclosure, and this can be done with walls, a natural barrier, or my taking advantage of the neighbors fences and walls. If for instance there is a chain link fence around your backyard, you can attach inexpensive pre-fab bamboo or willow fence to it, on your side, and form an square, triangular, or rounded enclosed space within which to create your courtyard.

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