Desktop Management Interface

Desktop Management Interface is a specialized system to manage many computers in a very large establishment. The basic component of Desktop Management Interface is the Management Information Format Database (MIFD). The database stores all information on a local computer. Experts say that Desktop Management Interface is nothing more than a set of application programming interfaces or APIs. Thanks to Desktop Management Interface, any computer system can exchange information.

Desktop Management Interface has three different components - service layer, management interface and component interface. The management interface is a text file that has information on hardware and software. The component interface is an application program interface (API). The service layer acts as a link between management interface and component interface.

Desktop Management Interface comes in handy when you are trying to identify and manage computer components, and is accepted as the ideal desktop methodology. The interface is the storehouse of all information on computers. Desktop Management Interface is the brainchild of a Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), and has made the jobs of IT managers, technical experts and common users much easier. The innovative and sophisticated Desktop Management Interface helps people get information on processor category, installation dates, maintenance records, power sources, peripherals, etc.

Desktop Management Interface has some extremely advantageous aspects. Vendors and systems integrators can exchange information effectively, and you donít have to install any particular hardware or operating system to have it running efficiently. You can run the management interface on a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and on non-network computers.

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