Download DVD Movies - A Quick Look at Vongo, Movielink and CinemaNow

Vongo, Movielink and CinemaNow are three great providers of downloadable DVD movies. To help you choose between them, here's a quick comparison:

Vongo is still in beta and has a very big memory leak but they have a lot of content for you to choose from if you are willing to do your own searching as it is not filtered very well. There is an editorial service that provides user ratings, graphics, trailers and filters. In order to use Vongo you will have to allow them to automatically install an update manager. This service only costs $10 per month and allows you to access hundreds of movies and pay per view options. This web site as it is definitely working to improve upon itself.

Movielink operates quite smoothly and offers superb video quality. You can rent the movie for 30 days but you will have to view it within 24 hours of downloading it via their satellite program. This manager is quite useful as it will automatically resume any broken downloads and remove any expired movies. Downloading this program is not a big deal as it will automatically figure out which area of your computer has the necessary 600-1000MB for this program. You can play your movie in either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. The prices are not bad either, but there is no shopping cart available.

CinemaNow is the leading web site for downloading movies. They have more than 4,000 titles available for you to rent in such a way that is both quick and convenient. You will pay a lot less money for these movies too, as the cost is only between $1.99 and $3.99 per rental. There are also discounts available in the Showcase Section. Once you begin watching your movie you will have 48 hours to finish watching it on your PC, laptop or television. This is because they have a download-to-burn service, which allows you to burn the movies you download and watch them on your television's DVD player.

These downloads are Microsoft compatible, but they do work best with Media Play. There are also High Definition (HD) downloads available as well. Unfortunately, none of these web sites support Macintosh or any browser other than Internet Explorer. You will also find that the customer reviews will help you decide what movie you would enjoy watching. There are also a lot of great controls present on the account manager, including a parental control. You can also use this manager to help you see what you have just browsed, or to help you search for something to watch according to title, actor, director or keyword, genre, format and device.

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