I Like - Waste Management (WMI)

My pick for the day is Waste Management (NYSE: WMI). Yeah sure, it is near its 52 week high of $38.70. And yeah, the analyst estimates for 2007 are for less profit than in '04,'05, and '06. But let's face it--WMI is a well known brand in what I believe is an ever necessary business--waste & disposal services. They also have a great track record of delivering growth in terms of profits. The stock currently pays a dividend of 2.52% (this by the way is above their industry counterparts). So you not only have the potential for capital appreciation but you also can derive a small income on this play to either buy more WMI or diversify your holdings.

Now best of all, WMI just reported terrific results last week (up 19% compared to the same Quarter 1 year ago). That 19% shows us that these guys are turning things around and maybe, just maybe we'll find ourselves with a surprise for 2007 earnings.

How I'd play it: Buy a little now, and buy some more to get the Dollar Cost Averaging going in your favor on pull backs to the $31-$33 range.

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Source: www.articletrader.com