Reasons for Becoming an Ultrasound Technician

The ultrasound technician or the sonographer will enjoy the well paid and highly demanding profession which requires a brief training. The work of the ultrasound technician generally involves the operating techniques of the sonography equipments for the purpose of diagnostic and during the pregnancy period. The sound waves are used by the equipment to get the information's about inside parts of the patient's body. The sonographers specialize in various fields like gynecology/obstetrics sonography, breast sonography and echocardiography. The major places of work include private physician's office, clinics and hospitals.


Prospects and the growing demand:

The average number of ultrasound technicians practicing in US has grown at a rapid rate when compared to the technicians in 21st century. This drastic increase is due to the favorable number of job opportunities. In the year 2009 there were about 51,630 medical ultrasound technicians working in US. The growth shows that the increase will be about 18 percentage by the year 2018. The employment opportunities increase in the workplaces like outpatient facilities, private physician office and hospitals.


Convenient Short-term training:

The employers are in search of the ultrasound technicians with training, formal education or with the combination of both. The employers also prefer the technicians who have undergone the accredited study course or the technicians who have undergone training in accredited places of practice and are registered but this condition is not very strictly required. The 2 year ultrasound course is typical while there is availability of both 1 year and 4 year course programs in the ultrasound technician field. The sonography degree course programs are available in various technical/vocational schools, universities and in colleges. The coursework on sonography include patient care, basic physics, physiology and anatomy. Registration of the ultrasound technician is not required in US. But the registration facility is offered by the ARDMS and is desirable to the prospective employers.


High Salaries:

In the year 2009 the sonographers were earning the hourly wage of about $30.60 and the annual salary of about $63.640. Most of the sonographers work for the employment service or for management division of industry, company and the enterprise. In the industry with high number of ultrasound technician will pay a mean wage of about $30.66 an hour and about $63.770 every year.   State like Colorado, Oregon and Massachusetts make the highest payment for the ultrasound technicians and the wage is about $37 an hour and $77,000 a year.