School Grants Broad Objectives:

School Grants are the means for subsidizing educations to the students, whose parents belong to financially weaker sections and are not in a position to meet the education expenses of their children, besides the burden of living expenses of the family.


The students are awarded school grants on the basis of broad categories like Poor class of students, Students excelling in education or sports, athletics and arts.


A student getting financial assistance from the school grant relieves to great extent their parent’s financial burden. The basic purpose of the Government and other benefactors is that no one is deprived of education for want of financial support increasing the number of educated persons in the country.


By receiving private school grant the student can afford to pay for the tuitions and books required for improving upon the education standard.

School grant also helps in meeting the daily expenses required in continuing the education.


In the present times there is great change in the scenario in respect of getting school grant financial assistance. The schools are in competition with other schools and are interested to produce more number of brilliant students by granting them meaningful financial assistance through school grants disrespecting the objective of serving the cause of poor class of students.   


The Hope Finds Way:


Except for few rich and well employed parents. Still there are schools, where poor class of students, who are not neglected and get their due share of school grants assistance. Therefore one should enquire the details before finalizing the admission if school grant benefit is required by the student.


Common man has financial challenges in meeting the education expenses of their children and house hold expenses, which become one of the reasons for early drop out syndrome in the students from the school with incomplete education affecting badly the education standard of society. This breeds social evils out of financial inadequacies environment exposure at very tender age having potential to produce scholars or vagabonds. The situation has to be seriously looked at and corrected.


Govt. Obligation for Raising Education Standard:


The Government has it’s social obligations to fulfill ensuring that all the students get educated up to a minimum standard, even if their parents can not afford the education of their children. Responding to such an objective the Government devises school grants so that the benefits reach to the weaker class students through the managements of the schools.


Minority School Grant:


So that all the schools get the benefits the Government has responsibility towards minority schools run by religious managements who are in minority in comparison to the total population of the country and their resources are also limited. The Government has preferential treatment for such schools so that they are by way of minority school grants so that these schools are in a position to function at par with other schools imparting education.


The minority schools do not make any distinction between their community students and other students of the poor section of the society in terms of admissions or offering the minority school grants received by the minority school.


Private Schools Grant Deployment:


Private schools make available the school grant to few students satisfying their criteria of suitability. These schools lay more stress on awarding scholarships to the meritorious students over purely poor class of students. Their aim is to promote the image of the school instead of serving the cause of poor class of students.


There are many sources from, which private school grant can be procured. The officiating persons managing the affairs of private school grant should tap all the sources by making their applications much before the beginning of the academic session, so that by the time the school session begins, they have ample of school grants for distribution.