Unsecured Debt Management Programs

Unsecured debt management programs are debt settlement or debt consolidation programs which need no security or collateral. Unlike secured debt management programs, these programs are available to anyone regardless of their credit ratings. Indeed, most unsecured debt management programs are entirely designed for bad credit or no credit persons. As these programs are unsecured, they will have a slightly higher interest rate than normal secured programs.

Unsecured debt management programs, like other debt management programs, offer low interest rates and low monthly payments. They avoid late fees and do not require any co-signers. The terms of these programs are usually between 3 to 10 years.

There are a lot of agencies that provide unsecured debt management programs. Most of these agencies provide debt consolidation programs only. Internet is the best place to look for these programs. It is always good to compare many programs, before selecting one.

Unsecured debt management program providers often negotiate with creditors for lower rates. You have to pay only one payment with low monthly interest for all your debts. Taking advantage of these programs may cause a temporary decrease in credit ratings. But once you paid off these debts, your credit rating increases tremendously.

The worst disadvantage of unsecured debt management programs are the frequent phone calls by creditors. Most program providers will ask you to close/pause credit card and other accounts.

The most popular unsecured debt management programs are credit card debt consolidation programs. These programs consolidate all unsecured credit card debts into one single debt. The interest rate of these debts will be around 10%, which is much lower than the debt interest rate, which will be around 20%. But the interest rates may change with time.

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