Weekly Management Of Knowledge

Most of the organizations in today's cut throat competitive digital world are looking for solutions to effectively and efficiently manage knowledge. With the advent of information technology in every field of business the belief is increasingly spreading not only among big organizations but also among small organizations.

Consultants come up with attractive names for data management things, suggests technology which can enhance knowledge management ability of an organization in long run. But simultaneously being myopic about how this management will able to help the organization.

The need of the hour at present is making an effective and efficient knowledge management strategy that will not only serve the company in long run but also able to help it in day to day matter as well as relevance of it can be reviewed on weekly basis.

Four factors which can effectively help an organization to manage knowledge on weekly basis are -

Developing observational abilities by human resource - Knowledge Management is taken as just storage of data or information but it is all about keeping the relevant information and putting it work in future projects.

Don't make assumptions about what will work instead integrate the knowledge management strategy with the business processes.

Encourage personal knowledge - most organization try to keep core knowledge from individuals as they believe that it will enable them to find greener pastures some where else. Instead they should focus on equipping them with more knowledge so that they not only able to use is present work but can also contribute in the future planning.

Maintaining multiple networks rather than just one way of managing knowledge with in the organization - this will bring more people in the knowledge sharing network and enable them to contribute much more efficiently.

Andy Mann writes Knowledge Management and Business Management articles, journal and columns for http://www.knowledgeweekly.com

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