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Be Your Own Mortgage Net Branch

In the United States, the term "net branch" is recently incorporated in the mortgage industry. Net branches are becoming more popular with the mortgage industry growing and mortgage brokers wanting to expand their businesses. The mortgage brokers usually hire persons who have the expertise and experience to help expand the business. Brokers employ such personnel or sign contracts with loan originators. Their offices may be licensed or unlicensed and in another city, country or state. These locations are called net branches. The brokers or mortgage companies who offer their franchise are called mortgage originators and the company who takes the franchise is the mortgage net branch.

The basic requirement for a mortgage net branch is that the mortgage professional should be licensed. The licensing is controlled by the Housing and Urban Development code. Most of the mortgage originators want their net branches to posses three years of experience in direct processing and originating. A net branch professional must also have experience in loan programs and sub-prime loans. Some mortgage originators give preference to a net branch professional who has experience in mortgage office management. Net branch professionals need to understand loan processing and risk analysis. They should be able to deal with all the details pertaining to loan processing. The person should be able to solve the client's problems, by offering alternate solutions. Some companies require their net branch officer to have working knowledge of FNMA or Federal National Mortgage Association, FHLMC or Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and government guidelines.

Net branches have certain limitations. Sometimes net branches have to depend on mortgage originators, since they cannot make all the decisions on their own. It is not an easy task to become a mortgage net branch. A lot of proficiency and experience goes into the net branch undertaking.

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