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Is Jenna Jameson An Ebay Seller Too?

Some days ago, I discovered a website where it was published that Jenna Jameson is currently an ebay seller. The website said, and Ii quote "Jenna Jameson is currently an ebay seller because she is broke." Too good to be true...hey! Just kidding! But it does seem that a lot of ebay sellers are loosing a lot of money because they can't seem to see the powerful resources right at their finger tips. In this article, I shall give you two little known but powerful resources, and a link to a powerful ebay resource that I use to make over $30,000 on ebay working part time. So read on.

Here are 2 little known but powerful tools that you can implement immediately and start making huge profits selling on ebay:

1. Ebay selling manager: Ebay decribes selling manager as - "ebay selling manager is our online sales management tool for medium and high volume sellers." This service is a powerful tool! But you have to upgrade to havr this service. With the ebay selling manager, print shipping labels, track every ebay sale, customise feedback comments and much more. It's a service you must have if you really want to make huge profits on ebay.

2. The ebay pulse tool: Ebay pulse tool, is like a keyword tool. It shows you the top 10 searched keywords in every category. With this, you can determine what ebay buyers are exactly looking for. And having these keywords in your title, gives you much exposure. Also make sure that the keywords you choose, are relevant to the category you want to sell in. Caution: If you use keywords that are not related to your categoey, you might get banned because ebay considers it as keyword spamming. So be very careful!

As revealed, the selling manager and ebay pulse, are tool that you must have. They are vital to your success on ebay - so get started by using them now!

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