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Process Mapping Rocks

Clear a room of any distractions. Get a big white board, or a tape a long scroll of white paper to the wall. Next, grab a few colored markers, and stand up. Now you're ready to dive into the first phase of marketing operations: Process. And what better way to understand a process than by mapping it. I know, many of you are thinking -- what does process have to do with marketing? It reminds me of an incident a while back when I was chastised by a corporate executive for being too process-driven. He preferred talking about "bigger" ideas. Well, funny enough, he later became a big advocate of my management style. Why? Well, it may not be bombastic, but it works!

So, back to the white board. For almost anything, you can map it. Let's say Truman (our marketing manager extraordinaire) starts with a new lead generation campaign, targeted at pediatricians. For this process, he brings in the Little Feats sales manager, who overseas the direct and reseller sales teams. Together, they put together the end-to-end process for attracting interest and eliciting response from this target market.

The outcome of this exercise is an visual representation of the marketing (and sales) operation for the lead generation campaign. The next step Truman will take saving it to a file, as it will evolve (e.g., edits and amendments) and circulate to various stakeholders going forward. The best practice is to save it to a file format which anyone can access (like Adobe Acrobat) and post it in a folder in a public directory with other marketing documentation.

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