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Time Management Skills - The Simple Time Management Skills That Get Results

Developing your time management skills requires a certain amount of discipline. And if discipline is something that is new to you, you will have to develop these new skills as you go along. However, most of these skills are quite easy to grasp so you will quickly adopt them and they will become natural for you.

Perhaps the most important of these skills is the ability to plan your day. Of course, you will also need to plan in the longer term, but to be truly effective with your time you need to make the best possible use of the time each day offers.

If you can plan your day well, while being open and willing to deal with any new situations that arise, you will have developed two of the most important time management skills.

The basic ingredient for effective daily planning is a time plan for each and every day. This may seem like a chore, however it need only take about five or ten minutes to do. That's not long, is it? When you do it is up to you. You can do it at night before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning. I find morning the best as your mind is fresh after a good night's sleep.

It is important to make a commitment to planning out your day before it starts. Those 5-10 minutes will give you clarity about your actions for the day so you are more likely to be highly productive, and feel less stress and pressure.

For the most part, your time plan will help you be effective with your time. However, life is unpredictable so situations will arise that you did not account for in your time plan. Learning how to deal with these situations effectively is another important time management skill. When this happens, I encourage you to stay calm and not flustered. Instead, take a minute to ask yourself what the best course of action is, and listen to the answers that come. More often than not you will know what the right course of action is for any given situation.

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