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Proactive Organisations

A proactive business is one where the management team work well to identify specific circumstances or issues that could affect the business in a positive or a negative way and determine how they can be effectively managed. Indeed a proactive organisation is one that plans for the future and gains commercial advantage from such activities whether this is leading the market rather than merely following other competitors in their field, one that drives the current market and anticipates and leads change. A proactive organisation is also one that anticipates the skills and abilities it requires in its workforce and takes steps to ensure that those skills will be available when that business needs them.

However sometimes the steam can go out of a business, personnel change, strategies drift and the business starts to lose its edge, and instead of being proactive it becomes passive and starts to only react to situations.

Reactive businesses react to events when they are actually occurring and tend to try to manage only that particular issue without having the time or resource, and sometimes the actual inclination to do anything different. As a consequence reactive business often evolve an organisational hierarchy with complicated sub-structures and overly bureaucratic systems because they are always problem solving at, or after, the event and rather than doing the leading themselves in the marketplace are being led by the decisions and behaviour of their competitors.

So what kind of business is your business? Is it proactive or reactive or somewhere in the middle? Are some departments in your business proactive, whilst others are reactive and is this currently creating conflict within the organisation? Firstly, you need to recognise that this is an issue for you, secondly determine how deep-rooted the problem is and then thirdly how you are going to redress such concerns before they affect the bottom line and ultimately before it is too late for your organisation!