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Plan a Career In Event Management

Have you ever wanted to work in event planning? A degree in hospitality with an emphasis on event planning might be a good idea for you. By definition, event management is the application of the management practice of project management to the creation and development of festivals and events.

What They Do:

Event managers work in the capacity of organizing and managing all aspects of the event planning process. Event planners are responsible for overseeing that all plans are in order, and that things are adhering to a timeline. Event planners have to follow a set budget to meet all the needs of the event. They arrange the location, food and beverage service, rentals such as tents and linens and service and event staff. These professionals need to have excellent organizational and time management skills, coupled with creativity and patience.


Earning your bachelors degree in hospitality and event management is the best way to get started on and event management career. A degree program will provides students with a means of developing management skills and knowledge specific to the field of event management. Event management programs offer subjects related to areas of event creation, event management, venue management, event marketing, and accounting. You will also learn about the environment in which event managers operate. On-the-job experience is the most useful and sensible training that a learner can attain to prepare for the occupation. Having practical experience in the field will help you to better understand the industry. Along with practical experience, skills in marketing and time management are a must.


Event management professionals can earn from $25 - $75 dollars an hour. The average annually salary of event managers and planners is $51,961. Job prospects for event managers and planners will fluctuate with the economy. If a strong economy, job prospects will be better than average.

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