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Insider Tips In Buying College Textbooks

Most college textbooks today are expensive, almost every quarter, publishers will create a new edition of textbooks and force student to buy the new edition instead of buying used ones. If you have ever been a student, you'll understand what I am talking about.

If you are going through college, and have purchase expensive books, then you can feel the pain each time you line up in the bookstore, looking at the price tag...

I have been one of these students, standing in line, waiting to cash out a small fortune to buy those expensive books, you know, I am a student, I am not rich!

But this didn't last long, because soon enough I found a way to buy textbook for less. I am not just talking about used textbook, of course, they are also cheap, but I am talking about new ones.

Most people thought that they could buy used textbooks in,, and thought that they got a good deal...If you are one of these people, no offense, you haven't seen anything yet.

Not very long ago, I bought a new textbook, it's still in plastic wrap, very clean and I got it for $21.44 and the original price is $93.60, a whopping 70% off!

Surprisingly, I am the only one in my class who had it for this cheap. I am not bragging, you can go to to check it out, I got receipts for that.

But anyway, how can I get the textbooks for this cheap?

If you think I get it from or, then you are wrong, I seldom buy textbooks from there.

But before I show you the answer, I want you to think about it first.

Here are some hints

1. Timing

2. Shipping

3. Edition offers unique information on how to buy new textbook at a ridiculously cheap price.