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Change Management and Competition for The Top

There are a lot of change management issues at the top of any corporation and sometimes when there are many divisions with presidents we see all of them are vying for the chairmanship or presidency of the entire multinational conglomerate corporation. For instance let's look at General Electric under Jack Welch.

Many of General Electric’s divisions such as their commercial credit division, their energy products division, their medical division and their plastics division all had top-notch management and in each of these upper echelons was a man or woman who was at the top of their game. Each of these individuals was qualified to run the entire General Electric Company after Jack Welch retired.

Of course, Jack Welch and the Board of Directors had to hire one of them. Knowing that who ever they didn't hire would most likely leave the company and some headhunter would indeed make a huge commission to put them at the top of another company. These people were the top of the top of corporate management and everyone in the world knew it.

These top dogs who did not become the President of all of General Electric in the other divisions left the company for other companies. In doing so, everyone else moved up a notch. But this massive change management and severe competition for the top took its toll on general electric in the short term due to the management shakeup and therefore it is now studied at the top business schools of the nation. Change Management is a serious issue indeed. Please consider all those in 2006.

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