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An Introduction To Simulation

Everybody daydreams at some point, and it is probably the idea of daydreams that has given rise to the innovative realm of simulation. Today people experience simulation in quite a few areas of life, from computer games to equipment training, to the media.

Simulation is materialization of the virtual world. Simulation basically refers to the imitation or a representation of a potential series of events or environment. This concept is fast emerging as an insight into the future with its varied range of applications. Using an artificially created scenario, the real life effects of certain conditions and events can be conceptualized, visualized and given form.

They are now used to analyze information from a variety of sources like spreadsheets, output data, and even CAD. This provides a great degree of flexibility and enables a greater accuracy of effects and reactions. Thus, simulation is today tagged as an analysis tool, especially for a decision maker, adding credibility and immediacy to an analysis.

Simulation has widespread uses. Training is one area where simulation is indispensable. Here, simulated equipment may be used in the real world as live simulation, or in a simulated environment as a virtual simulation. Simulation greatly helps reduce costs, while at the same time providing safe training grounds.

In medical training, simulated patients may be used for experimental testing or in teaching diagnosis, or may be used to create a visual, yet virtual display of parts of the anatomy, or medical phenomenon, or the effects of certain actions. It is also being widely adopted in education for classroom teaching and learning and also in business for analyzing market reactions and trends.

Simulation has also proved to be a valuable tool for distance learning, wherein Internet- based simulators may be used. This results in economy of time, money and energy. Flight simulators are used to train fliers both military and commercial, in varied and complex virtually created situations.

Today, simulation has found its way into the production and manufacturing sector as well, with manufacturers using simulators through the different phases of designing, fabrication, to final production. This training is helping to improve each independent level while at the same time cutting back on costs.

Simulation is fast becoming an important aid in achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity. The main advantage afforded by simulation is that any activity or operation that may be critical in nature can be tried, tested, corrected, improvised and adjusted to a new level of excellence without taking real risks.

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