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Time Management Strategy - Discover the Time Management Strategy That Works for You

If you want to manage your time effectively one of the most important steps you need to take is coming up with a strategy. Many time management books and 'experts' will try to tell you how you should spend your time and how you should organize your days, but in truth you are the only person who knows what is best for you.

Flexibility and adaptability are required to make the changes necessary for effective time management. However, it also pays to have a strategy and a plan. There are many aspects of effective time management that are about you as a person, but there are also the practical aspects which I will focus on in this article.

First of all, you need to be organized. Get your filing cabinet in order if you have one, or buy one or come up with an alternate filing system if you do not. You will need this later.

To manage your time effectively you must be clear on two things - how you spend your time now, and how you ideally want to spend your time. How you want to spend your time is a personal goal and vision that only you can decide. However, how you spend your time now is a reality and to be totally clear on this you need to keep a time log for one or two weeks so that you get a good picture.

A time log is basically a detailed record of exactly how you spend each hour, each day. So, track your time in say 15-minute segments for a week or two and see what you get. Your time log will probably provide a few surprises.

Now, it is time to really get started. You must spend your time every day on things that take you towards your goals. For this, you need to keep your short and long term goals written down and in front of you as a constant reminder. In addition, you need to make a time plan for each day outlining how you will spend it. This will keep you focused, productive, and ensure you keep moving towards your goals.

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