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Music Management Jobs In Nashville Require Hands-On Experience

It’s not just aspiring singers and songwriters that travel to Nashville seeking fame and fortune in the music business. A new generation of aspiring music management professionals are moving to Music City for a crack at the kinds of music management jobs that can lead them to lucrative careers.

Like most behind the scenes jobs in the music business, music management jobs require a lot of hard work, a passion for entertainment, and powerful people skills. Although a growing number of music business degree programs have popped up – most notably, at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University – experienced music managers can tell you that music management jobs require the kind of real world experience that you can’t find in a classroom.

Music management jobs in Nashville require a willingness to work hard and the courage to use whatever connections you have to get in on the ground floor. Entry level music management jobs require long hours, handling routine chores like handling fan correspondence and monitoring online bulletin boards and blogs for fan activity. Few music management jobs in Nashville are ever posted publicly – most music management companies fill open positions by recruiting from their pools of eager interns.

You don’t have to wait for a music management job in Nashville to open up for you to build experience in the music business, however. Most of the music industry’s most influential managers had little or no direct experience with the entertainment business before working with acts that would become superstars. Working directly with a client can give you the specific experience you need to grow your own music management career.

Whether you build your own music management agency on the foundation of your work with a young and hungry client, or you prefer to punch the clock at a larger, established agency as an intern, direct experience is the path to the very best music management jobs in Nashville.

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