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3 Steps For Removing Outlaw Computer Viruses

A new type of worm is available on the internet and it is best that you know how to remove it. The Outlaw or Freedom Worm will disable your control on any system options that you have. It will attack and infect your music files, attempting to delete them all.

To regain control of your pc you must be able to run your task manager. You will need to go on the internet, find and download a tool that enables you to remove restrictions. Task manager can also be enabled from your registry.

Here is how you can do this:

1. You will find and access the registry editor. Then you will find a file called the control alt delete option. When you reach this file you will see a new file labeled disable task manager. Click on this file and then you will select no or false. You may use the number 1 for true, or the number 0 for false this will enable the task manager again.

2. After doing this, you will need to free your computer of this worm by simply deleting all of the files that are related to it. The files that the worm will install on your files are:, autorun.inf and These files are located on every infected drive of your computer.

So if you have numerous partitions, be prepared to find a copy of the worm's files on every partition. The file will be located in a folder called the recycler. The file autorun.inf and are located first in the root of your drive and are located second in your windows/system32 folder.

3. The final step in getting rid of this malicious worm is to access your registry again and remove the registry key that it has installed. The key is located in the files shell and the User unit area.

To go there you will need to follow the registry path. The path will be labeled in this order (UserMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWinlogon). Once you are there you will need to click on the files listed above and remove any additional information that is related to the worm, you may begin with the path for running the files. These files will be labeled identical to the files you just deleted.

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