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Guild Wars - Eye of the North

Guild Wars is a great game. With all the features of other popular massive multiplayer games, all with no monthly subscription. The expansion, Eye of the North is no exception. This expansion adds 4 new regions all with their own quests and monsters allowing for 18 additional dungeons.

This new and only expansion for Guild Wars was developed to act as a bridge to the rumored Guild Wars 2. A bridge was required for NCSoft to introduce the new maps, dungeons, and heroes, Thats right, I said new heroes. In fact, there are 10 new heroes and 150 new skills available to Guild Wars: Eye of the North players.

Eye of the North is a direct sequel of Guild Wars, and picks up about 8 years after the first game left off. A great earthquake spreads across all 3 continents on the map of the game, and strange creatures begin to appear. These are the new monsters that have been added with the expansion.

Eye of the North also features 40 new armor sets, some of which are rare and some stand-alone items. If you'd like to find a list of newly added armor sets, see the Guild Wars wiki. Guild Wars gold is easier to come by compared to other MMO's such as World of Warcraft.

If you ever get stuck in a particular region of the game there are multiple Guild Wars Maps available to help you through both the open region as well as maps for the individual dungeons. Sometimes without a Guild Wars map, it is impossible to navigate through the dungeons. Eye of the North seems to have more structure compared to other releases from the Guild Wars series. There are 4 new title tracks within Eye of the North. As you complete a certain number of tasks for each track, new merchants will be made available to you.

As far as I know, cheating is restricted in the Guild Wars world by their server. Most MMORPG's have systems in place to prevent cheating, I wouldn't expect much else from Guild Wars Eye of the North.

Guild Wars Eye of the North has been long awaited, and it appears the wait has paid off. Guild Wars Eye of the North is an exceptional game worthy of being a sequel to Guild Wars. The map in Eye of the North is very beautiful and the environments are easy to get swept in.

Tom Kranz is a an avid player of Eye of the North the expansion to the award winning Guild Wars Follow the links for more information on Eye of the North maps and a Guild Wars gold.