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The Enigma Of Manchester United

Manchester United is a football club that has experienced the usual ups and downs that are related to the game. Along the way theyíve had decades of wonderful years where they led a nearly charmed existence often followed by decades where they passed into near obscurity. Each time, they managed to stop short of losing all and disbanding. Someone always seemed to show up at just the right time with a plan to save the club from its certain demise.

Perhaps this unfailing ability to pull miracles out of their hats at the very last possible moment is what sustains the devoted fans of the Manchester United Ball Club. Whatever it is about them it is difficult to argue the fact that their fans have showed an incredible amount of longevity and loyalty. The truth of the matter is that if you ask a thousand different fans what the one thing that drives them to be fans of Manchester United is, you would have a thousand different answers.

For many fans, it is one moment in one game that sealed their fate and solidified their unending love for the experience that is Manchester United. The funny thing is that it is almost always a different game for each different fan. Others became fans of Manchester United because their fathers were, and their fatherís fathers were as well. Sharing the memories with their children is much like reliving the memory yet again and sharing it with their sons, and now daughters is like passing down a precious family heirloom.

Games will be attended and watched with devoted interest in the hopes of sharing moments and memories with children all the while watching as heroes are made and lost on the pitch. For some the discovery of Manchester United is a relatively new experience. For these, they do not have the long history of loving Manchester United as some of the life long or homegrown types of fans. These fans are not quite loyal or enthusiastic as other fans may be but they are true fans nonetheless. These fans tend to be fans based solely on the merit of the team or certain players in the club rather than the lengthy and time honored tradition that Manchester United represents.

There are also, unfortunately, many Manchester United fans that are what would be considered fair weather fans. These fans flit from team to team supporting whomever seems to be the most popular or likely to win from season to season. These fans will spend fortunes buying clothing and tickets that will soon be discarded in search of the next most popular football team. Those who have been groomed as Manchester United fans since long before they could support their own weight or scream their own cheers in support of their team look on these types of fans with a not so small degree of scorn.

Whether you are a lifelong Manchester United fan or this is your first season supporting them, I think youíll find that the experience that is Manchester United is phenomenal and unprecedented. Whether youíve watched year after year as they pull of miracles at the last possible moment or cheered on as they swept the field dominating not only the game but playing in top form and dominating the sport as well Iím sure youíve found that there really is nothing on earth quite like watching this team in action.

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