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Career as a Senior Accounting Manager, SOX

It seems in the United States of America we have a shortage of accounting managers at most all of the large corporations into this is because of all the new Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations, such as enforcing the Sarbanes Oxley Laws. Of course if you are a Senior Accounting Manager in charge of SOX for a large or medium-sized company you will make at least six figures a year. Some of the starting salaries are $150,000. Why so high you ask?

Well the shortages are that great and for some companies who may have questionable accounting practices or they are perceived to have them be starting salary could be $250,000. Of course if you have a career as a Senior Accounting Manager you can also expect that you are but is on the line if anything goes down at that company and even if you no longer work there you may be in court for five to 10 years two times per week.

We are currently over regulating America's corporations and in doing so we are artificially raising the salaries of accounting managers and costing the companies millions of extra dollars in costs unnecessarily. What does all this mean? It means if you are an accountant you can make a lot of money. If you are a corporation you will make a whole lot less. Is that really good for America?

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