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Credit and Debt Counseling

Credit and debt counseling consists of educating and informing people on how to manage their debt and on how to make prudent use of credit. It is very obvious that both are related. The smart use of credit can go a long way toward keeping one out of debt, while the indiscriminate use of credit facilities, mainly credit cards, lands one in deep financial trouble.

The counseling process starts with the counselor making the client aware of the pitfalls of credit mismanagement. The rights of a citizen under federal law are communicated to the client. The effort is to make the client at ease while at the same time informing him of the importance of using credit wisely. Paying for essentials with cash instead of credit cards is one such piece of advice.

Credit and debt counseling also involves offering classes and advisory sessions on managing income and expenses to keep one out of debt. The crucial importance of keeping a good credit score is emphasized together with offering advice on how to go about doing it.

For clients who are deep in debt, counselors offer advice on how to enroll in a debt management program that would involve refinancing loans or consolidating existing high-interest bearing loans. The counseling also goes on to emphasize to the clients the importance of sticking to the program, since it has often been seen that clients slip back to their thoughtless spending ways after a few years.

Managing one’s credit and staying out of debt is more an art than anything else. One needs to prioritize one’s expenses. For people who find this difficult, credit and debt counseling might be an avenue to instill this art in them.

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