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International Debt Management Programs

International debt management programs are meant to provide special global training and advisory services in debt management to individuals, governments, central banks, public corporations, and private sector utility companies to help them manage their debt portfolios effectively. These programs are implemented by big organizations and service groups.

International debt management programs, like other debt management programs, include debt settlement programs, debt consolidation programs and debt counseling programs. The programs vary with global financial changes, country rules where these programs are implemented, financial status of the country and the debtor, and the rules of the country where the standard program is registered. These are often very big programs and the amounts are not counted in thousands, but in millions or billions.

All international debt management programs are designed to reduce debts of the debtors. These program providers will negotiate with the creditors for a low interest rate and reductions in balance payment. Many program providers also issue low interest loans to the debtors to payoff their high interest debts. Most attractive international debt management programs are offered by organizations from G-7 countries, international monetary fund (IMF) and the world bank. In addition to offering debt management programs, G-7 countries and IMF in the past have often taken steps to forgive third-world debts, especially that of African states.

International debt settlement programs work to minimize the overall debt amounts to 40 to 60 percent of the current debts. And international debt consolidation programs are meant to consolidation of loans from many creditors around the world into one single low interest loan. The currencies universally accepted for implementing these programs are reserve currencies - currencies held by central banks as foreign reserves. These currencies are fully convertible.

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