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Debt Prevention and Management Go Hand in Hand with a Budget

A budget is not just something that those who are having financial hardships use; it is also a useful tool in debt prevention and management. There are millions upon millions of people today who live pay check to paycheck, not ever really knowing where there money is going or why they never seem to have any, unless of course they borrow it in the form of loans or credit cards. They do not control their money, it controls them.

There is another type of person out there, one who takes complete control of their money no matter how much or little they make. These are the people who tell there money what to do and as a result are financially sound with every decision they make now and in the future.

So what is their secret weapon in a world filled with debt? A simple budget that tracks income and expenses. A personal budget takes control of your money and tells it what to do. Once you have that control you can begin to manage your debt and prevent debt from occurring in the future.

If you currently have debt and it is overwhelming your ability to make sound financial decisions then building a personal budget is the first step to gaining back control of your money. The first thing you will do is simply writing down all your financials on a piece of paper. As you become more comfortable with the process you can use one of the many software programs available to track your money. But at the beginning it's easier if you keep it simple and just write it down on a piece of paper.

By writing down all you income in one column and all your expenses in another column you can quickly find out if you are spending more each month then you make. If this is the case you can then use your newly created budget to start identifying where your greatest expenditures are occurring and find areas where you can start cutting your spending habits. Many people are rather surprised where they are spending their money the first time they build a budget.

The other thing that a personal budget can do when it comes to debt management and prevention is change your attitude towards how you use your money. When your spending habits are staring you back in the face and it's affecting your daily life and your future plans you will be surprised at how it changes how you look at money and its power to give you the life you always wanted.

Having a monthly budget is the best debt prevention and management tool that everyone should use. Having a working plan for your money ensures that what it does and where it goes remains in your control at all times. In fact the reason so many people have financial problems is a lack of control over their money and the fact that it does not work for them because it is spent before they know why.

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