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Trinity means a set of three, arranged by relationship and response to each other. The trinity could be a set of writings, group of authors, or, if we go by Christian religious meaning, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The trinity presents itself as one, prompting us to take them in entity.

Fiction has Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, the second of three books (or trinity) questioning age old tenets and beliefs. The author takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of codes, mysteries, puzzles, and conspiracies with a novel that is part detective, part thriller and part conspiracy theory, interspersed with hypothesis concerning the Holy Trinity, the Holy Grail and the role of Mary Magdalene in Christian history. It is a different matter that Dan Brown deviates from the truth, but as popularity charts go, he has managed to be on the best seller’s list.

Trinity can also be a set of authors complementing each other, as the study or research of one author necessitates the study of other two. The nineteenth century had trinity authors Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman, who all complement one another; during the forties and fifties, there was a trinity of Black authors Richard Wright (Native Son), Ralph Ellison (Invisible Man), and James Baldwin, who wrote Notes of a Native Son in direct response to Wright's book. The American trinity of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—in all its connotations—was showcased by different sets of authors throughout the centuries.

If we go by religious sentiments, then trinity is not only about the number three, but about the Holy Grail and Christian way of living. American authors responded to the call of their hearts and spirits. J. Stephen Lang (1,001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About the Holy Spirit), Norman Mailer, Martin Marty, Nora Gallagher, Frederick Buechner, Alan Jones, and Richard Gillet have all written about their experiences of the religious or spiritual kind.

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