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Guide to Leading Christian Debt Consolidation Companies

Are you ready to take control of your finances and reclaim your faith? There are many debt consolidation companies out there offering to help, but it is only Christian debt consolidation companies that are staffed by professionals who understand your Christian convictions. They also know that your faith and your integrity require that you pay your debts, so bankruptcy is not an option you want to consider. Even among Christian debt consolidation companies, however, there are many to choose from. How do you find one that is reputable and best suits your needs? Crown Financial Ministries, Family Life Resources, and United Christian Financial are among the leaders in Christian debt consolidation.

Crown Financial Ministries is unique in that it is dedicated to teaching the Word of God, while helping individuals, families and businesses gain financial freedom. Crown Financial Ministries is a Christian company that focuses on educating you about how to manage your money. They stress the importance of living within your means, no matter what your income. Crown Financial Ministries offers a variety of educational materials that will help teach you what the bible tells us about dealing with money, and than it follows that up with the tools you need to get your financial house in order. The services and guidance offered by Crown Financial Ministries goes far beyond the scope of most Christian debt consolidation companies. Their services include counseling, help with budgeting, guidance for children and teens, and so much more.

Family Life Resources is another of the leading Christian debt consolidation companies. They offer counseling services, education services and a debt management program. The goal at Family Life Resources is to provide Christians the tools they need to escape from the imprisonment of debt and step onto the path of financial freedom. The staff at Family Life Resources understands that as a Christian, you want to pay off your debt. With their debt freedom program, you are not taking on yet another loan to be paid off, but rather working with credit counselors who understand your needs. They will contact your creditors and help you to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment. Family Life Resources offers counseling and educational materials to guide you through each step toward your goal of financial freedom.

Another option in Christian debt consolidation is United Christian Financial. United Christian Financial is a reputable Christian debt consolidation company with a deep understanding of how your faith affects your concerns about money. United Christian Financial helps consolidate your debts without taking on the burden of yet another loan. When you use the services of United Christian Financial you’ll speak to a Debt Repayment Representative who will work with you and your creditors to get you out of debt.

No matter which Christian debt consolidation company you choose, be sure that you are working with people who understand your needs in regard to both your finances and your faith. A good starting point is Christian Debt Help, an independent Web site which provides reviews of many Christian debt consolidation companies.

Crown Financial Ministries, Family Life Resources and United Christian Financial are a few of the leading Christian debt consolidation companies. With any of them, you can be sure that you will be acting in accordance to the Word of God when it comes to handling your finances. They will also offer you all the tools you need to create a life free of constant worries over your finances.

Larry Mitchell is a San Francisco based author.