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Debt Management Programs

Debt Management Programs (DMP) is confidential plans that are specifically designed to provide unique solutions for difficult financial situations. When budget counseling is not enough DMP is a wise choice.

Debt management is the process by which a person with debt problems works with a company in order to negotiate a reduction of total overall debt. By using the DMP, a person will pay a certain amount each month until all debts are cleared. The company negotiates with creditors and combines payments into one monthly installment from the person in debt and then distributes payments to all creditors owed.

The advantages of debt management programs include reduced interest rates, relief from collection agents, lower monthly payments, one-stop bill paying and an elimination of finance charges. But these services are offered only to unsecured debt – a debt that is not backed by collaterals such as credit cards. Services provided by these agencies are not free. They will charge a certain amount to their clients for counseling, a one-time set-up fee and a monthly maintenance fee.

Before signing up with any of the management plans, it is advisable to gather all relevant information about the companies offering them. Checking with the Better Business Bureau will ensure whether the companies’ records are satisfactory, or whether they have serious unresolved complaints such as late payments to creditors and false advertising. A long -term debt plan for paying off debt is positive, whereas short-term plans might close all credit accounts. A plan that cannot clear debt within five years is not a worthy one.

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