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How To Be An Effective Manager

A manager is not only a person who manages but is also an active supervisor and a coordinator. There are several levels of the organization which a manager has to control. He also prepares reports on the over all working of the organization and to what extent the goals of the organization will be achieved. Read on to find out how you can be an effective manager-

Understand the goal - The very first and essential point any manager needs to concentrate on is the eventual goals of the organization. You should know and understand the goals of the organization. You should be very well versed with the long and short termed goals of the organization. The main reason why the manager should understand the goals of the organization fully is he is the supervisor to the lower level employees and it's his job to explain the goals to the rest of the employees of the company.

Locating talent - A manager should be efficient enough to track talented employees and provide them with jobs which suit their area of excellence. Not only should he provide them with the right work but should also motivate them with timely work incentives.

Act as a friend - A manager should act as a friend to the lower level employees and not like a professional boss. Not only would it increase employee efficiency but also produce a friendly environment in the organization.

Prepare timely reports - A manager should be an active supervisor and should prepare timely reports regarding the working of the organization. Not only would this help him provide better information to the higher level employees but also keep a strong track on things and to locate fraud in the organization.

Follow up action - Timely reports help provide the progress report and to what extent the goal has been achieved. The manager should than focus on a follow up plan whereby he would locate areas of deviation and raw material to prepare further plans for the business or the organization.

Therefore in a nutshell a manager is like a watchdog of the organization. He keeps an active eye on the over all working of the organization supervises the lower level employees prepares timely reports and keeps a check on the progress report and devises alternative ways to achieve goals of the organization faster.

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