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Certified Preowned Golf Clubs

The term “certified” is starting to appear more and more when searching for used or pre-owned golf clubs. Callaway, Taylor Made, Nike, Cleveland, and MacGregor, are all starting to promote certified golf clubs. A few sites I visited did not describe what separated these clubs from other clubs on their site. They did not answer why are these clubs certified and why should I buy them over other clubs.

Most sites did explain what made the certified clubs better than their regular used or pre-owned clubs. Below is a list on what factors they use to certify a pre-owned club:

6 Point Inspection-

1. Detailed Cleaning of the Entire Club

2. Cosmetic Evaluation

3. Structural Integrity of the Club Head

4. Structural Integrity of the Shaft

5. Grip Replacement

6. New Manufacturer Head-Cover

They also add a 12 month warranty to all their certified preowned golf clubs

Next main question, are they really worth it? It comes down to price and peace of mind. If you can find a pre-owned club you like and the certified club is only 10% to 20% more, in my opinion, it is well worth it. For a $200 pre-owned club you are looking at around $20 more and it comes with a new grip, a new head cover, and the peace of mind that you are getting the club you want in great condition. However, if the certified pre-owned golf club you are looking at is 40%+ more than the non-certified, that is a much tougher decision.

The decision to buy a $200 club for $80 more will be entirely based on peace of mind. Is it worth that amount to you to make sure the club is certified? That answer is based on personal preference and can only be answered by the golfer purchasing the club.

Al Scillitani
Internet Marketing Manager
Global Golf Certified Preowned Golf Clubs