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Event Or Venue Accomodation

Accommodation and services

No two venues are the same, but there are some factors that seem to be common to all venues. Whatever accommodation and services you require, you must make sure that the suppliers have:

  • good references that you have checked and confirmed,
  • a safety policy which they can prove for example by showing you copies of their safety policy and safety training and procedures,
  • risk assessments in relation to the equipment and or services they will be supplying to you, and
  • public liability insurance they should be able to produce a certificate to prove that they have it.

Venue managers office

It is important that there is one recognised central control point and that should be the venue managers office. Though the office does not have to be central to the site, it should be easily identified, known to all staff and hopefully readily accessible from the main entrance on the main road.

The venue managers office should have power, heating (depending on season), water supply, tea- and coffee-making facilities. It should also have a quiet, private section or office for the venue manager to use. For larger venues there should be radio or other communications with venue staff. A supplies area will be required, which holds first aid materials, sign writing equipment, staff badges/labels, reflective/fluorescent jackets, writing material, pens and forms etc.

Depending on venue size and duration, the venue manager and their staff may need the use of a telephone. There will be a need for some furniture chairs, desks, etc.

There may be a need for windows looking out over the venue ground, with window shutters to protect the windows if the office is to be unattended overnight. For a larger venue it is good to have a large dry wipe board, or white gloss painted sheet of hardboard available, on which the venue manager can write key details. This board contains the names of other managers, radio call signs, mobile phone numbers etc.