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Booking Agents Can Help You Get Gigs

If your band would rather concentrate on making music instead of spending precious time booking gigs, perhaps you should consider employing a booking agent. A booking agent (commonly referred to as a talent agent) shares similar duties to that of a band manager.

Booking agents are the official representative of bands, ensembles, orchestras and other musicians. Their primary function is to arrange live performances for musicians, acting as a liaison between the artists and the producers.

Like any promotional representative, a booking agent actively promotes recording artists and other entertainers for live performances, and earns a commission on his marketing efforts. For example, a booking agent will help set up work for artists on commercials, film, television, stage and other types of performances.

In addition to setting up gigs for bands, a booking agent can also help to arrange publicity opportunities for recording artists, and assists with logistics as well. A booking agent has the professional expertise to get steady work for musicians, and to keep the name of their client foremost in the minds of producers and the public.

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