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The Edwards-Clinton Deal To Win

As per the report of new Time Magazine poll, John Edwards maintains the same level of support in Iowa. Recently, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton figured out a way to remain on the top of poll results. They have signed a pact for at least next four months.

Edwards will try for Clinton's national ratings to increase more and more. This way, if Edwards beat Clinton in Iowa or vice versa, it will not affect both of them. Moreover, this strategy of cooperation between them will make sure that Barack Obama’s rating falls.

But, Hilary Clinton wishes John Edwards to maintain his lead in Iowa, and also stay competitive nationally. Clinton’s advisers are guessing that Obama and Edwards are fighting for a large overlapped pool of unsure voters.

Edwards attacks at Obama from the left. He provides electorate with a good contrast in the Clinton campaign’s mind, according to the policy. It is perhaps right that many Clinton advisers are relaxed now with Edwards's being seen as a bold contender, policy-wise.

However, what Clinton campaign thinks is that defeating John Edwards in Iowa is something which is possible, but not completely necessary. This could confirm the nomination for Hilary Clinton only when Edwards remains on the top to be...beaten.

It certainly is possible for Clinton to win Iowa. She is going to be able to focus a lot of resources, and the reflected star power of her husband's administration on that state.

Nobody knows if this pact between Clinton and Edwards will really help both of them, but many people believe that Obama has far better chances of winning Iowa.


Source: www.articlesbase.com