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Credit Repair Services

Credit repair services guarantee elimination of negative items from credit reports. Though there are many such agencies offering to help clear up credit problems, you must be cautious because many of the offers advertising credit repair are scams. These agencies use credit repair techniques that are unethical or even illegal.

However, some non-profit agencies are bona-fide credit repair experts, and they operate by assisting debtors to make payment plans and check to see whether bankruptcy is an essential step to getting out of debt. They will also advise credit bureaus to remove data that is not credit on credit reports. These agencies offer a legitimate service for those who may not feel capable of doing a self-help approach.

One form of legal, ethical credit repair is debt consolidation. In this scenario, the debt consolidation company pays off all of your debts for you, at which point the only remaining debt you have to pay off is the one to the consolidation company. The fact that your debts were payed off will go on your credit report, which is to your immediate benefit. But you absolutely must pay the cosolidation company according to the contract you sign with them, or else your credit will be worse off than before. If you think you can do this, try it.

To identify an illegal credit repair service, one must understand some of the agency’s danger signs. These include demanding payment in advance, advising the debtor to dispute the whole credit report, offering to get a new credit identity and failing to tell debtors their legal rights.

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