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Change Management Reversals; Are They Possible

Many change management specialists and many of those professors in academia explain exactly what should happen after change management occurs. For instance they dive into the psychological issues behind change management and the dropping of the ball of executives due to change.

They talk about the fear involved in decision-making and how that can wreak havoc on an organization. They also discuss with us organizational capital and the possibility of losing all that has been built.

What no one seems to discuss is what about a change management reversals. In other words when things simply are not working out after a major change, why not bring the person back on board who was let go and let them re-gain control of the organization for their particular department. Why do I suggest this?

Because sometimes mistakes are made that lead to the change management decision and perhaps rather than looking at how to fix change management maybe we can unravel the wrong decision, which has previously been made. Now this is not to say the change management should not be a priority when streamlining an organization or when looking at the nonperformance of executives after he change has occurred.

All that is a very good idea and yes we should study it and demand performance. However, sometimes when the wrong decision is made it makes sense to undo that decision if possible. Please consider all this in 2006.

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