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Classroom Management That Works - 3 Tips to Reduce Inappropriate Student Behavior

Classroom management that works is the holy grail for many tired, and stressed out teachers. So how exactly do you go about finding an effective classroom management plan that actually works to reduce inappropriate student behavior?

Well, there is no one size fits all classroom management solution. All teachers are unique, with differing personalities and teaching styles, and so each teacher needs a different classroom management plan. However, even though each teacher needs a different solution to help reduce inappropriate student behavior, there are some core ideas that every teacher can implement in the classroom to help them find classroom management skills that works for them.

1. Be consistent

If you want to enjoy a peaceful classroom environment, then you must be consistent. If you are not, you will quickly lose the respect of the students that your teach, and the classroom management in your classroom will deteriorate fast.

2. Be positive

If you are looking for classroom management that works, then being positive is a core skill. Approach each lesson in positive frame of mind and expect the best from the students that you teach. And when your students reach the standards that you expect, make sure they know it. Walk into the classroom fearing the worst, and acting negative towards the students that you teach, and they will act negative towards you. And that's not a recipe for effective classroom management that works.

3. Be proactive

The teachers with the most effective classroom management skills are the teachers who proactively deal with classroom management problems before they occur. If you anticipate the problems that usually occur, you can go some way towards implementing solutions which prevent them from happening in your classroom. Classroom management problems prevention is much better than cure.

If you're looking for classroom management that works, then there isn't a one size fits all solution. But if you follow the three top effective classroom management tips above, then you will experience an improvement in the behavior of the students that you teach.

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