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Portfolio management is a methodology that ensures that a project is analyzed for risks involved and all factors balanced accordingly for maximizing returns. Portfolio management risk analysis guarantees that only those projects that can be handled efficiently using existing resources are accepted by a company. Many companies often handle huge projects that extend over months or even years. Such projects are quite expensive, requiring a good part of the company resources and manpower. In case the projects are cancelled midway, a large part of the company budget is wasted. Moreover, the company loses its credibility in the market. Portfolio management risk analysis comes in handy in accepting projects that are feasible and of greater value.

The first step in portfolio management risk analysis is to list all the projects of the company, along with required resources and objectives. This listing gives a clear idea of overlapping projects and helps to identify those projects that do not align with the company objectives. At this stage, some of the projects can be resized or cancelled. However, some companies shy away from risk analysis. Companies sometimes cancel projects without performing a portfolio management risk analysis. On the other hand, some companies accept loads of projects, and do away with some of them later. It often happens that good projects are rejected while bad ones are retained. Portfolio management risk analysis should therefore be used in such cases so that the company does not lose projects of greater value.

An important step in performing portfolio management risk analysis is to create a risk assessment matrix. Projects can be categorized as having low, medium or high risk. The high risk projects can be thoroughly analyzed before sanctioning. Portfolio management risk analysis thus ensures that a company spends the right amount of money and time on the right projects.

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