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Stress Management Course: Preparation and What to Expect

It can be quite daunting taking part in stress management course if you are not sure what to expect.

Many people will assume those stress management courses are not necessary because they perceive stress management as common sense. My experience suggests that these people are, in fact, misinformed and they could greatly benefit from attending a stress management course.

The reason for this is that a stress management course is not just about managing personal stress. It is also about learning to identify, control and benefit / reduce stress of others.

The content covered in stress management courses will vary but the course outline with largely contain the same topics. Here is a brief outline of a typical stress management course:
- What is ‘stress’ and why is it important
- The cycle of stress
- Internal and external influences
- Optimising your state
- How to tune your state up and down
- Building resilience through exercises and nutritional awareness
- Problems vs outcomes and how to deal with both
- Awareness
- How you make other stressed
- Building minimum stress teams

In the first half of the stress management course your will cover topics that will go over the definition of stress, recognising the symptoms and understanding why stress management is important. This part of the stress management course is simply an introduction.

The second part of the stress management course will begin to focus on the factors of stress and how to recognise influences of stress (internal and external) using a variety of methods.

Following this, the stress management course will begin to help you develop skills on how to handle stress for yourself and others around you (employees, staff, etc). This part of the stress management course is very important because it gives you practical methods that have been to proven to relieve stress. From experience, members usually find this part of the stress management course most exciting due to active participation.

The final part of the stress management course focuses on some advanced methods of stress training such as building minimum stress teams and stress awareness and how to deal with problems and outcomes of stress.

Stress management courses are available onsite (A trainer will travel to the organisation) or at specified training facilities. We've found that onsite training has been a popular choice for large organisations.

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