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Enjoy Utah Recreation Year Round

Utah is chock full of year-round exciting recreational activities. If you live here or even just come for a visit, this probably comes as no surprise. Living here for the past four years has allowed me develop a sincere and true appreciation for the Beehive state and the great outdoors. I know those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit Utah are scoffing at the thought of Utah as a vacation destination. Well, for those of you out there, you may be surprised to find that

Utah is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. Boasting some of the best ski runs in the world, Utah is renowned for optimal skiing conditions and the most perfect powder snow (hence the 2002 Olympic Winter Games being held in Salt Lake City). Enjoy skiing or snowboarding in legendary Park City, Sundance, Snowbird Resort, Alta Resort, or The Canyons. Feeling a little more adventurous? Snowmobiling is a popular winter activity and for something a little more challenging, try snow mountain biking (not for the faint of heart).

Into extreme sports? Utah certainly does not disappoint. Bungee jumping, hang gliding and skydiving are available throughout the state. Moab is one of Utah’s largest hot spots for extreme sports. Spelunking is popular in the Mount Timpanogos caves or the Utah Lake caves. Go white water rafting

During the warmer months, Utah’s numerous mountain cliffs and canyons provide ideal conditions for rock climbing. Popular spots include Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons in the Salt Lake area and Zion National Park in southern Utah. Hiking is a favorite pastime apt for all ages, and Utah has thousands of well-kept hiking trails to choose from.

Utah also has numerous lakes for water sports and activities. Boating and consequently water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing are all immensely popular. Lake Powell is one of America’s biggest boating destinations and is actually a hot spot house boating destination.

If you are looking for a new and exciting vacation, explore Utah outdoor recreation that offers something for everyone.