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The Yankees Are In Trouble

The New York Yankees are not going to make the playoffs with or without Roger Clemens. George Steinbrenner is realizing that Joe Torre is not the problem. The pitching is the worst in years. Can Clemens save this team that is the question? Brian Cashman has brought these pitchers here to produce, so far they are not producing anything. Cashman is now on the hook, Steinbrenner is realizing that Joe Torre is not responsible for the performance of his pitching staff. Ron Guidry the pitching coach is trying everything in his power to recoup the staff but it's not working.

It's time to hold Cashman accountable and make a change. The New York Yankees are supposed to be the classiest team in all of sports. It's looking like they will not even make the playoffs. The New York newspapers are having a field day ripping the management for not doing anything yet. The Yankees need pitching right now we all know that. Roger Clemens is in his forties and has not looked that sharp working in the minors.

The Yankees staff needs to be revamped from the starters to the bullpen. Instead of paying millions for free agents the Yankees need to look at their minor league teams. Pitching in the yankees organization has not been that good either. George needs to make a few moves to get the attention of his beloved Yankees. It should start in the front office, from the scouts all the way to the general manager.

Derek Jeter is struggling as is Jason Giambi but the rest of the team is hitting quite well. The Yankees have spent millions of dollars to get a quality team, this proves the old saying money can't buy happiness. New York needs a winner hopefully George Steinbrenner will make the necessary moves to put a fire under the Yankees and they stat producing.

Doug Muraski writes a Yankee Blog daily