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Hotel Job Descriptions

In certain places where there is a high volume of visitors, especially tourist destinations like Cancun, Mexico, it can be expected that a large number of hotels and other forms of accommodations are located there. A person who wishes to work in the hotel industry would do well to start in these places, as the hotels can give them the best training and experience in the industry. Before a person starts applying, however, he must first know what to expect with regard to the job descriptions of different hotel personnel so that he is properly guided in his application.

General job description

Among all hotel personnel, a general job description is to ensure that rooms are comfortable, good food is served and excellent service is provided to guests. These are some of the most important aspects of the hotel industry. Specific job titles come with specific responsibilities; this is especially true among managers.

Specific job descriptions

Lodging managers are responsible for making sure that the guests in the hotel have a pleasant stay by providing them with the comforts of home, which include cable TV, voice mail, fitness equipment, and other services such as spa facilities. For business travelers, these managers make sure that a businessman is provided with the right communications equipment and other facilities such as conference rooms.

General managers of hotels have an overall responsibility for the operations of the whole hotel. Some of the tasks include setting hotel rates, allocating budgets for each department, approving expenditures, and ensuring that the standards of service of the hotel are maintained. In addition to this, general managers may also be asked to reorganize the staff of a newly built or purchased hotel. For bigger establishments, hotels also hire resident managers, who are tasked to help the general manager in the execution of his duties. Most of the time, at least one hotel manager is on call 24 hours a day to resolve any problems or emergencies that may occur during the day.

Being a manager in a hotel carries a lot of responsibilities, which is why people who want to enter the hotel industry as manager should be aware of the job descriptions of the different types of managers in a hotel. Having this knowledge can help them prepare for the responsibilities ahead so they can become effective managers.

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