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Public Relations for BLM

The Bureau of Land Management is often caught in the cross-hairs of free enterprise and environmentalists. Since they are a government agency if something goes wrong, well they get picked on first and then the mass media hysteria picks up that football and runs with it.

This is one reason BLM needs to maintain open communication lines with the media and continually work to refine its mission and work on its community goodwill projects, otherwise it is just considered another run away bureaucracy that cannot do anything right out there wasting taxpayers money.

Public relations and developing community goodwill in BLM areas is paramount if we are to continue to enjoy the vast open space and environment, as well as harvest our natural resources we need to run our civilization and export to other nations, that which we do not need.

The Bureau of land Management needs to do more than just have a very good web site which promotes itself. Of course, in this day and age that is quite important however, more needs to be done. People need to know that the BLM is working for them and maintaining our natural resources, forests and open space.

If the BLM is considered an enforcement infringement upon the freedoms of American citizens to enjoy their wildlife then it does an injustice to the American people. Please consider all this in 2006.

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