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Mobile Phones for Teenagers

Mobile phones have become a necessity for both adults and teenagers. Today most of the teenagers own a mobile phone. Parents have realised that mobile phones are useful for their children as they provide safety and security. Teenagers spend most of their time outside and so parents are always worried about their whereabouts. With mobile phones parents feel comfortable and they no longer need to wonder if their teenager is going to be late or is having a problem. Mobile phones allow the teenagers to communicate with their parents or ask for help if they are in difficulty.

But this can also add up costs of their mobile phone bills. As we know teenagers enjoy talking on the phone and sending text messages to their friends, parents may end up paying high bills. Prepaid mobile phones are a good option to keep the expenses down. Teenagers can also learn about the financial management of their own bills. Other downside is that teenagers loose their mobile phones quite often. So they need to be responsible and use their mobile phones carefully. Most parents agree that though teenagers want to have a mobile phone as a status symbol, at the same time these mobile phones are also used for safety reasons.

Parents cannot find a way other than mobile phones to know that their son or daughter is safe. Their child is now just a phone call away. So the concern over being able to keep in touch with their children is the main reason behind their decision to give their child a mobile phone. Leaving their teenager without a mobile phone could affect their cool factor with their friends.

There should be certain guidelines for mobile phone use by children:

No mobile phone use should be allowed during class

No ringing mobile phones or loud ringtones should be allowed during school hours.

Headset should be provided to the teenager

Limit the monthly limits to minimum

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