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Music Aids in Studying, Concentration, Retention and Retrieval of Information

Research has shown that music aids in absorption, retention and retrieval of information.

Try playing classical music as background music while your child when he is studying or doing home work. It helps him to concentrate, focus and memorize facts easier.

At home, we play smoothing music in the background when our daughter (41/2 year old at point of writing) when she is doing mental work like maths and puzzles. She perform a lot better as compared to the time when no music is played.

Also, I played music for our 8-month-old son when he cried or get irritated for no reason. The moment when the music is played, he calmed down immediately and even tapped his hands and feet. Music really has a powerful effect on human brain.

Below is a list of music that I highly recommend to parents:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Mozart for Your Mind - this CD contains the Piano Concerto in D used in the University of California, Irvine, study to enhance spatial-temporary reasoning

Concerto for Piano No. 18 in B-flat Major
Concerto for Piano No. 23 in A Major
Concerto for Violin No. 5 in A Major
Symphony in A Major
Symphony No 40 in G Minor
Symphony No 35 in D Major, "Haffner"
Symphony No D Major, Prague

Johannes Brahms
Concerto for Violin, D Major, Op 77

Arcangelo Corelli
Concerti Grossi, Op 2,4,5,8,10,11,12

Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concertos
Fantasy for Organ in G Major
Fantasy in C Minor
Perlude and Fugue in G Major
Organ Fugue in E Flat Major

Ludwig Wan Beethoven
Emperor Concerto for Piano, No 5
Violin Cncerto in D

George Frideric Handel
Water Music
Concerto for Organ B-flat Major, Op.7,6

Joespeh Haydn
Concerto No 1 for Violin
Concerto No. 2 for Violin
Symphony No. 101, The Clock
Symphony No.94 in G Major

Peter Ilyich Thaikovsk
Concerto for Violin, Op 35
Concerto for Piano, No.1

Antonio Vivaldi
The Four Seasons, No. 8 (my personal favorite)

Article by Alvin Poh, founder of Learning Champ, a parenting wesbite that provides information and resources to parents, who want to help their children develop the important skills and mind set for a brighter future ->