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Career Coaching Qualification - Do You Have The Essential Career Coaching Qualification?

These days there are seemingly more and more people who are becoming interested to know more about career coaching as a profession. A career coach is someone who will evaluate your personal skills, desire to work, education level and your wants and needs.

With all this in mind, the career coach will help to send you in the right direction towards school or employment that will fulfill your goals. No anyone can suddenly decide to become a career coach. There are different career coaching qualification steps that you must meet. There are certain myths about the career coaching qualification regarding college education as well as other aspects of career coaching. You do not need to have any specific type of education (such as a masters or bachelor's degree) to become a career coach.

However, some individuals still go to some sort of college, tech school or training program. This may give you more of an insight into coaching, but it is not a career coaching qualification or requirement. It is important to not confuse career coaching with career counseling. Career counselors do need additional education, career coaches do not.

In the United States, there may be certain regulations to be met and followed, but each state is different, so check the locale where you are currently residing.

One career coaching qualification is that the coach be formally trained in working with individuals in honing their skills to best maximize their goals. They need to help the individual create an effective resume, maximize their strengths, minimize their weaknesses and learn to perform effective job interviews with prospective employees.

Having a degree in regular coaching is not a career coaching qualification; however, your skills may be transferable to your current training. Check with the individual institute where you are planning to get your career coaching training.

Completion of the training, possible seminars and tutorials are a career coaching qualification. Many individuals that have been accredited career counselors feel that they are automatically a career coach, if that's what they desire.

This is not the case at all.

There is special training for a career coach. While a degree is not a career coaching qualification, some training is a necessity before you can become a career coach. You need to be wholly educated to know how to guide your new clients in the right direction.

Each company that provides career coaching is different, so check with your state regulations as well as the institute you plan to enroll in. You will soon be on your way to being the best career coach you can be.

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