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Defining project time management means looking at a combination of actions which ultimately lead to a desired result. When you are planning a project, there is a start and end time and it's what you achieve in between which determines whether you complete your objective.

We know time itself can't be managed in a sense but how you use the time allotted to you each day is what counts. A person with a set of objectives and with the proper desire to achieve these objectives can work wonders in both their social and work lives.

Project Time Management Planning

It all starts with a plan. For example, if you are someone who conducts their business affairs from home and your income is wholly and solely dependent on your own levels of productivity, then managing your time is of utmost importance. Why? Unless you do it, no-one else will and your income will dry up quickly.

Project time management involves:

- planning your project

- giving it a start and end date or time depending on how big a project it is

- being able to actually commence the project which gets back to problems of procrastination

- having the resources to work with

- setting up some sort of reward feature for completing the project

Unless you start out with a plan or create a foundation for your project and clearly follow the objectives you set yourself then it could end up being a little like a dog chasing it's own tail!

Project Time Management In Relation To Home Business

Once you have established your plan and associated goals it's time to get to work. Don't underestimate the power of a plan in relation to time management because having a written agenda has the power to hold you accountable should you begin to get off track.

You need to be flexible when applying short term project time management goals. A good way to maintain enthusiasm for your project is by setting a reasonable plan of action. Find a happy balance between too much and too little; setting an unrealistic plan will only serve to frustrate you when you fall behind and setting one which is too easy is like achieving false success.

Project Time Management Flexibility

By being flexible, you give yourself the option of reassessing your goals and permission to re-adjust them if you have to. Remember, when working on your own self-motivation is pretty tough especially when no-one is looking over your shoulder. If that's the case with you, once you have your plan of action on paper, organise extra copies and give them to people you respect and trust.

By doing this, you give them permission to check in on you at certain intervals just to confirm where you are at with your project. This is also a powerful method of being held accountable for your actions. It's like making a promise to someone of some authority and not wanting to break it so as to not look foolish in their eyes.

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